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Friday, 31 May 2013

Motherhood, testing your skills.

The main skill that will be tested when you become a parent is your sneaking skills.  When it comes down to it, parenthood is survival of the fittest.  Your ability to silently sneak across the nursery after having spent the best part of an hour rocking your 17lb baby to sleep will really be tested.  It only takes a scuff of your feet, a swish of your jeans or the creak of the damn door to wake your baby from their slumber.  You will actually start to plan your outfit by the eliminating the most noisy attire from your wardrobe. 

So you make it out of the nursery, closing the door ever so slowly behind you and when it is shut, let out a sigh of relief (silently of course). The game doesn't stop there though, oh no, time to softly pad down the stairs, remembering which ones creak, I usually find myself holding on to the walls for extra support. Well done you've made it downstairs.  You're desperate for a cup of tea, but it's best to wait at least fifteen minutes before switching on the noisy kettle, just to make sure she's in a deep slumber.  You scoff some food that needs little preparation, fearing she could wake at any minute and you may have missed your opportunity for sustenance. 

There is a knock at the door, curses! You've forgotten you ordered a food shop.  The delivery man looks confused as to why you are whispering and tip toeing around, unfortunately he doesn't get the hint and engages in loud chit chat.  The ordeal is over, you retreat back into your home like some sort of house hermit.  Baby still sleeping.  Hmm you begin to feel confident, cocky even.  A quick chat to the other half in a hushed voice. "Yes she's been asleep 45 minutes" you say smugly.  This motherhood lark isn't too bad after all.  Right time for that cup of tea.  The kettle whistles. Tea bag at the ready.  You baby lets out her battle cry, she's awake.....

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Not so boring baby food.

Lots of mums I have spoken too found weaning stressful and confusing, which is a shame because your child will probably be the biggest fan of your cooking.  As we all know there is nothing like your own mums cooking! Companies prey on our fears offering non choke products and super smooth purees (which usully taste bland).  Weaning should be an exciting time, every bit of new food your baby tries is a new flavour.  I love watching Poppy's expression when she tries something new.  It's not just about flavour either, it's about texture and colour.  

I think sometimes it can be hard to come up with recipes because of the traditional view of baby food.  If you want to try your baby with something new, I suggest give them what you are eating! If you're worried about them not getting enough food, give them a small portion of something you know they eat and like.  

So on our lunch menu today is a salad.  Lettuce leaves, spinach leaves, orange segments (skin removed), cucumber, peppers, green and black olives, butter beans, cubes of ham and sun dried tomatoes. I've given mines a drizzle of garlic oil and balsamic vinegar.  If your usually season your salad, be sure not to put any salt on your babies.  If you wanted to add some carbs to this you could share some tasty bread too.  I hope you enjoy this recipe!