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Friday, 18 October 2013

Lazy Mummy.

Yes we have been very lazy..... More blog posts to come soon! 

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Roasted vegetable pasta bake.

What's great about this recipe is that you can prepare it when your baby is napping and then pop it in the oven when required.  I see so many lovely family recipes that I simply don't get the chance to make, our kitchen isn't really baby friendly and Poppy hates me leaving the room, so I usually try and prepare as much as I can while she is having her morning nap. It's also great for using up odds and ends in the fridge, I always have half a courgette and bits of pepper that need using. 

So roughly chop an onion (red or white), any coloured peppers, I like to use red and green to get sweet and bitter, a courgette and a few cloves of garlic.  Aubergine also works well in this recipe. Put all the veg and garlic into a roasting tin with a drizzle oil (I use rapeseed) and a splash of balsamic vinegar. It's best not to add salt if your baby is going to have some, so I suggest seasoning after.  Roast on a high heat until the vegetables look soft and the peppers are beginning to brown on the edges.  At this point add a tin of chopped tomatoes and stir well.  I add a pinch of caster sugar just to balance the acidity of the tomatoes. Pop back into the oven for another 5 minutes or so.  

In the meantime cook whatever past you have around.  White pasta is better for baby.  Until al dente.  Add the pasta to the mix and stir.  Top with mozzarella, simply tear it up.  Bake until bubbling.  Top with fresh basil and a little salt and pepper for mum and dad. 


Friday, 31 May 2013

Motherhood, testing your skills.

The main skill that will be tested when you become a parent is your sneaking skills.  When it comes down to it, parenthood is survival of the fittest.  Your ability to silently sneak across the nursery after having spent the best part of an hour rocking your 17lb baby to sleep will really be tested.  It only takes a scuff of your feet, a swish of your jeans or the creak of the damn door to wake your baby from their slumber.  You will actually start to plan your outfit by the eliminating the most noisy attire from your wardrobe. 

So you make it out of the nursery, closing the door ever so slowly behind you and when it is shut, let out a sigh of relief (silently of course). The game doesn't stop there though, oh no, time to softly pad down the stairs, remembering which ones creak, I usually find myself holding on to the walls for extra support. Well done you've made it downstairs.  You're desperate for a cup of tea, but it's best to wait at least fifteen minutes before switching on the noisy kettle, just to make sure she's in a deep slumber.  You scoff some food that needs little preparation, fearing she could wake at any minute and you may have missed your opportunity for sustenance. 

There is a knock at the door, curses! You've forgotten you ordered a food shop.  The delivery man looks confused as to why you are whispering and tip toeing around, unfortunately he doesn't get the hint and engages in loud chit chat.  The ordeal is over, you retreat back into your home like some sort of house hermit.  Baby still sleeping.  Hmm you begin to feel confident, cocky even.  A quick chat to the other half in a hushed voice. "Yes she's been asleep 45 minutes" you say smugly.  This motherhood lark isn't too bad after all.  Right time for that cup of tea.  The kettle whistles. Tea bag at the ready.  You baby lets out her battle cry, she's awake.....

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Not so boring baby food.

Lots of mums I have spoken too found weaning stressful and confusing, which is a shame because your child will probably be the biggest fan of your cooking.  As we all know there is nothing like your own mums cooking! Companies prey on our fears offering non choke products and super smooth purees (which usully taste bland).  Weaning should be an exciting time, every bit of new food your baby tries is a new flavour.  I love watching Poppy's expression when she tries something new.  It's not just about flavour either, it's about texture and colour.  

I think sometimes it can be hard to come up with recipes because of the traditional view of baby food.  If you want to try your baby with something new, I suggest give them what you are eating! If you're worried about them not getting enough food, give them a small portion of something you know they eat and like.  

So on our lunch menu today is a salad.  Lettuce leaves, spinach leaves, orange segments (skin removed), cucumber, peppers, green and black olives, butter beans, cubes of ham and sun dried tomatoes. I've given mines a drizzle of garlic oil and balsamic vinegar.  If your usually season your salad, be sure not to put any salt on your babies.  If you wanted to add some carbs to this you could share some tasty bread too.  I hope you enjoy this recipe!

Monday, 29 April 2013

Weaning inspiration.

I've got horribly behind with weaning posts, so I thought I'd do a quick few ideas for baby led weaning lunch.  Sometimes it's hard coming up with new ideas, especially once your baby is having more than just sticks of cooked vegetables.  Firstly try introducing toast!  Bread is easier for babies to eat when lightly toasted and cut into fingers.  Here is Poppy's first piece of toast! 

When she is more advanced you can try different shapes to make lunch a little more interesting.

Once she's happy with the texture, try cheese on toast.  It's a great lunch because you can both have it.      

An omelette is great because you can keep it plain or add extras. Here I've done a plain omelette and instead of adding grated cheddar, topped it with cottage cheese (full fat) and served with slices of avocado.  

I am very keen to introduce fish into Poppy's diet while she is still very accepting of new flavours, I also think its a healthy family choice.  Here are a couple of lunch ideas for both you and your baby:

TInned sardines in oil mashed with cherry tomatoes and basil leaves on toast.  I grill the bread one side and then top the bread with the mix on the uncooked side then grill again.  When making the mixture mash all the small bones into the mix.  Sardines are a great source of calcium and they are also very fatty, perfect for a chunky baby.

A quicker option is mackerel pate on toast.  You can buy or make your own and simply spread on toast. You can add lemon juice, black pepper, chopped salad or leave it plain.  

I hope you find these ideas helpful and tasty! 


Wednesday, 24 April 2013

A make up mummy must have.

My make up must have is No.7 BB cream, I don't really like wearing make up unless its for a special occasion and when I do I like it to look quite natural, I tend to opt for brown eye shadow and just a little blusher.  Once you've had a baby however you need something to cover the bags and make you look like the young glowing mother everyone wants to see!

The BB cream does it all, moisturises, protects (SPF 15), covers and acts as a foundation.

I've got quite olive skin and the medium colour works well for me.  If you're fair I'd suggest going for the light shade.


This is after a full days wear and a windy picnic in the park.  The cream gives a long lasting, natural look and it doesn't feel heavy like some foundations.  It's so much easier than applying lots of products.

Please share any beauty tips.

Friday, 5 April 2013

Lovely Pitta.

So I thought it was time for a weaning update.  We have been doing baby led weaning and it's been great.  Poppy will eat anything, mealtimes are a joy and you can all eat the same things without having to purée anything. Check out my older posts on weaning if you are just eating started with weaning.  Broccoli florets are definitely a favourite, closely followed by peanut butter on toast, banana bread and natural yoghurt.  A new store cupboard essential for us is pitta bread.  It comes in a sealed packet so is always there in case of emergencies.  I toast or grill the pita breads and cut them into strips so they are easy to hold. Although now she's a great little chomper I try a few different shapes to give her a challenge. 

Sometimes I spread something on the pitta bread such as cream cheese or mashed avocado.

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Free samples with the Heinz baby club.

It's always handy to have a few store cupboard supplies and any extra information is always useful so you can join the Heinz baby club and receive free product samples, money off vouchers and feeding guides!

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Got milk?.......Got too much milk!?

A lot of women worry about not producing enough milk but what happens if you make too much milk?  An over supply of milk can be make breastfeeding difficult to manage and your baby gassy and well as leaving you prone to engorgement and blocked ducts.  Not to mention leaking and messy feeds making feeding in public unbearable

I began to realise I might have an over supply quite soon into breastfeeding.  The general guide is to offer your baby one breast, until drained, then offer the other breast.  Well Poppy would only need to feed from one breast.  As a newborn she seems quite gassy and unconfortable at times.  This was due to her having lots of high lactose foremilk.  Foremilk you say? Well breastmilk is so clever it changes throughout a feed, when a baby starts a feed it is more watery and higher in lactose, this is called fore milk.  Throughout a feed the milk becomes fattier, this is the rich, filling, hindmilk.  Breastmilk fulfils all of a baby's needs, food and drink.  I found that because I had so much milk, Poppy would become full on foremilk before getting to the hindmilk.  This meant she wanted frequent feeds, seemed fussy and was gassy.  

My midwife advised me to allow Poppy to feed from the same breast twice and then if she wanted more, to offer the other breast.  Dinner, pudding and a drink.  This worked well for me.  It's also important not to express when you have an over supply, this will make you body produce even more.  If you are engorged, just express a little.  

A fast let down can also contribute to a newborns fussiness.  All mums have a different let down and all babies take milk differently.  Poppy would choke, pull on and off and want frequent feeds.  My let down was too fast.  Your baby will get used to your let down but in the mean time, when your baby pulls away try letting the gush of milk spill into a muslin, then let your baby latch again.  This avoids the fast let down and gets rid of a little foremilk. 

As for feeding in public, wear breast pads fro leaking, tuck a muslin under your baby so that any leaking is caught as doesn't leave you with embarrassing wet patches!  Take a spare top and a sense of humour.... Any questions on breastfeeding, leave a comment or e-mail at abigailworthington1989@googlemail.com.

Monday, 18 March 2013

Breastfeeding and milk supply.

When you begin breastfeeding, your baby will be leaning how to latch properly.  It may all feel a little awkward at first, fumbling with nursing clips and breastfeeding pillows.  I only really started having success with feeding when I ditched the breastfeeding chair and pillow, relaxed and tried feeding her laying down in bed.  It felt very natural and because I was relaxed and still, Poppy started to get the hang of it.  The result of poor latching is sore nipples.  Once you have sore nipples the thought of feeding can become hard but I assure you as soon as your baby starts to latch properly the pain will go away but in the meantime I recommend using some nipple cream.  It is a life saver.  I used Derma Mum (superior protection) nipple balm. The key ingredient when looking for a good nipple cream is lanolin.  The derma cream was great and can be applied as often as required, you just need to wipe off any excess before feeding.  So if you are suffering, apply after every feed at the minimum.  

Another unusual tip (but really works) on sore nipples is too rub your own milk on to your nipples.  So if buying creams is out of the budget, expressing a little milk and gently rubbing over your entire nipple has a soothing effect. 

When your milk comes in your breasts will become engorged.  This can be very uncomfortable  especially at night with leaking breasts as well.  For quite a few weeks I slept in a nursing bra for support and constantly wore breast pads for leaking.  With time your supply will become in tune with your baby and you will not leak, in fact you will no longer need breast pads.  If you do become engorged this is due to having lots of milk, so the only way to solve this is by feeding your baby, so to begin with try to alternate which breast your baby feeds from to make sure both breasts get emptied.  If you don't relieve engorged breasts you may get blocked ducts and your skin will become red and sore this can then lead to infection called mastisis.  Mastisis can be treated with antibiotics but that's the last thing you need when looking after a new baby so if you do get a blocked duct try to treat it as soon as possible.  For more information on blocked ducts and engorgement check out the link below:

I frequently had blocked ducts when I first started feeding Poppy but they would only last a day or less.  The most effective way to unblock a duct was to feed from the engorged breast until it is completely drained.  I do not recommend expressing the milk because your body will think you need to produce more milk which could lead to further engorgement.  If you are really uncomfortable try to express just a little by hand while waiting for your baby's next feed (the shower is good place to do this).  Try to make sure you nurse in different positions to ensure all ducts are emptied.  It is also important to fully empty breasts so that your baby drinks the fatty hind milk.

Nipple shields are quite effective for sore nipples too, however they are quite large and a bit of a hassle to wear.  The effectively make sure no material is touching the nipple and irritating it as well as expressing a little milk when engorged.  I used them once or twice but found using nipple cream much easier.  

In my next breastfeeding post I will talk about fore milk, hind milk and over supply.  

Friday, 15 March 2013

The Swings.

Stuck for ideas to entertain my 8 month old the other day I had the idea of going to the park. Poppy sits up unaided so I brought a couple of blankets and padded her into the swings.  Well, she loved it. 

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Happy Mothers Day!

Happy Mother's Day all you mums out there!  I hope you're all having a lovely day.  I can't believe I'm a mum.  It still takes me by surprise when people refer to me as mum or mummy.  When I think about what a mum should be like, I can only picture my own mum.  I will always be Poppy's mum, so to her I represent what a mum is.  Weird right.

So what is being a mother like?  It's all consuming.  Your baby is like an extension of you, before she was born she really was.  To a baby you are the centre of her world, her food, her comfort, her teacher, her protecter, her carer and her friend.  Poppy cries when I leave the room and smiles when I enter, unconditional love.  It feels like you haven't done enough to deserve this kind of attention.  But mums you have, you have given life through pain and sacrifice of your body.  

When Poppy hears a loud or sudden sound she will look at me to see my reaction, to know its ok, she then learns this sound isn't a danger. Right from the moment babies are born they recognise the sound of their mothers voice and the smell of their body, this is pretty incredible.  Just the sound of your voice is enough to soothe your baby.  

Before I became a mother I didn't fully understand the importance of a mum, I couldn't understand why mums stayed at home with their children so long, now I can't believe maternity leave is only six months, I couldn't imagine leaving Poppy.  She needs me and I need her.  It has definitely made me appreciate my own mum, I'm happy, healthy and independent, a reflection of her care.  

Every mum is different which is a great thing because it means all children are different.  This diversity is most apparent when I take Poppy to baby club and see all the other babies, all so full of character already.  I just can't wait to see what Poppy is going to be like as girl and a woman but for now I will have to enjoy my little baby.  The bond between a mother and child is everlasting.  So Mother's Day has really made me think about me, being a mum, a woman and how I can be the best mum to Poppy.   

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Big girl, little chair.

We have a lovely little wooden chair in Poppy's nursery and yesterday I sat her in it for the first time.  I expected her to get bored quickly but she sat there as good as gold.  It is so strange to see her sitting, she looks so grown up.  Here are a few photos of my big girl in her little chair.    

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Young teethers.

Most babies get their first tooth around six months, prior to a tooth cutting through your baby may be fretful and difficult to console or they may be unaffected.  Poppy had bright red cheeks, chewed everything (especially her fingers) and could be quite grizzly.  She started teething around 3 months and her two bottom teeth appeared at 4 months, some babies get teeth even earlier than this!  What we found difficult was that she was too young to hold ring teethers.  A fab product I have recently come across is the Gummee Glove.  I've put a link to their website below, you can also find them on Facebook and twitter. Essentially it's a glove you can put on your babies hand and they can chew the attached teething ring.  

The teething rings are available in pink and blue and are detachable so can be sterilised.   The glove also comes with a laundry bag which can be machine washed.  They are £12:99 and delivery is free!  

Monday, 18 February 2013

Maternity wear for spring.

I have found a lovely bird print maternity top for you, which will look great in spring.  To put with this a great value for money, cosy, versatile maternity cardigan, to keep you warm in the mean time.

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Poppy, otherwise known as....

Baby girl
Sweet pea
Kit Kat (chunky)
Her chunkiness
Poppy Lynn where you been
Cheekle treacle 
Chunky thighs
The cub
Broccoli chops
Little chomper
Little peach
Little moo

You will start to call your baby all sorts of silly names, or maybe that's just us......

Friday, 15 February 2013

Toothy pegs.

After a week of restlessness, pink cheeks and chewing everything Poppy's top front teeth have come through!  Teething can be a very difficult time for parents because there is not much you can do to help your little one.  We found letting Poppy chew chunky bits of cucumber helpful and well as her Sophie la giraffe teether.  We did buy teething rings but found them a bit bulky. Don't be worried if your baby goes on a nursing strike either, we had this when Poppy's bottom teeth came though, it soon ended once she was hungry.  If you find your baby is struggling to sleep I recommend a little Dentinox teething gel.  Simply rub onto the gums and it soothes instantly.  

As for breastfeeding with teeth.  The bottom teeth no problem, the top teeth.... ouch!  At the moment I am very sore so will let you know what happens.  Good luck with your teething babies ladies!

Friday, 8 February 2013

Tongue Tied

Breastfeeding can be tricky, awkward and painful to begin with but before long your efforts should pay off and it should be easy, calm and enjoyable.  Make sure you talk to your midwife if you are really struggling and having difficulty latching, because there is a chance of your baby being tongue tied.  Luckily this was not the case for Poppy and I but I know of a new mum whose baby was tongue tied and this made feeding difficult to begin with.  

If your baby is tongue tied a procedure may be carried out to aid breastfeeding.  The babies tongue will be snipped so that it can latch properly.  This is called division and is painless and quick.  

Click the link below for more information of tongue-tie in babies.


If tongue tie has affected you and your baby you may be interested in signing a petition to ensure babies have the division procedure carried out within three days of birth.  Babies that have trouble latching may have difficulty gaining weight, take in more air when feeding and leave mum very sore and open to infection. I have attached the link to the petition below.  If any one has any advice for new mums with tongue tied babies, please feel free to comment.  

Monday, 28 January 2013

They grow so fast.

Poppy will be seven months this February.  Here is a picture from this weekend of me and my big girl.  Thanks to all those reading this blog!

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Baby Buys - the essentials.

Baby clothes can be very expensive, especially as babies grows out of everything so quickly!  So here are a few tips for keeping costs down.  For those in the UK, get your baby essentials, such as vests and babygrows, from Boots, using a parenting club card (just pick up a form in store).  You will earn lots of points, useful for buying other baby essentials.  They are good quality and fairly priced.  Then buy the odd special outfit from mamas and papas/mothercare etc.  when you get a Boots parenting card you will also receive a free changing bag.  I still use mine now.  If your are planning on bottle feeding you may need a bigger one as its a little on the small size. 

Whilst I was pregnant I was tempted by all sorts of adorable outfits, once I was a mum I realised babygrows are a mums best friend.  They are easy to undo, essential when changing so many nappies!  The baby is very easy to hold.  With dresses and skirts they always ride up.  They keep your baby's hands and feet warm.  If you are having a winter baby make sure you have outfits with feet.  Lots of outfits have leggings and you need socks to go with them.  Trust me socks do not stay on!  When buying outfits always think about when in the year your baby will be wearing them.  Pramsuits are a must in winter.  Easy to get on as you don't have to worry about your baby losing a mitten or sock.  It also doesn't matter if they wriggle out of their blanket.  To see Poppy's pramsuit check out my post 'A winter walk'.

As I mentioned in my post 'caring for a one week old', you should dress babies in a vest first, then layer up.  So even in winter you will need short sleeves vests.  Usually they come in multipacks, they are rarely seen so do not need to be expensive.  Also try to buy outfits with vest rather than tops underneath.  These cover the nappy and keep your baby warm and comfy.

If you know someone who can knit, knitted blankets are lovely and warm, they will last a long time and look beautiful in the nursery.  A few knitted hats and boots are also useful. It is handy to have a few cheap plain blankets for prams and going over your baby in a quick journey in the car.  You will not needs lots of duvets as babies do not get that cold.  We loved our moses basket, however it wasn't essential.  So if you are cutting costs maybe just have a cot.  You will also need a few cot sheets.  Sleep pods are another thing which are useful but not essential.

Before Poppy was born we had lots of hats and scratch mits. These fall off and aren't necessary for very long.  So just get a few pairs.  Muslins are very useful however.  Lots of them, you can buy thm in most baby stores are supermarkets.  You can put them on the changing mat, over your shoulder, to wipe a dribbly chin.  Old towels are useful like muslins, so if a relative has some old towels stock up.  Other essentials you will need to get before your baby is due are nappies (newborn size), wipes (or baby lotion), cotton wool and nappy sacks.  Don't worry about using bubble bath and shampoo until your baby is a few weeks old but stock up whenever you see them on offer.  Bedtime babble bath is good for getting your baby sleepy in the evenings.  We found a bath support incredibly useful, we still use it now in fact.  This saves you from buying a baby bath which your baby will soon outgrow.  Poppy does or have a dummy.  Not all babies like dummies so wait and see if your baby might need one for comfort.  When weaning bibs with sleeves are a life saver.  Trust me.

Your baby won't be able to hold toys for quite a while so just a few soft animals or teddys to make the nursery look nice is all that's necessary really.  What I found invaluable was a playmat.  They have rattles and toys hanging close enough so that your baby can watch them.  When your baby is young they will not want to be put down, a play mat can be distracting enough to give you a free minute to do something or even sit and have a cup of tea.  Lots of mums swear by musical swings and bouncy chairs too.  So I would buy at least one.  A cot mobile is also a nice feature in the nursery and babies love watching them.  Some babies find them soothing and fall asleep watching them. 

For the medicine cabinet we have so far used Calpol for after jabs.  The infamous Infacol for wind.  We have also used Snufflebabe for decongesting during a cold.  For teething Dentinox is a good place to start.  Babies can't have most medicines until they are at least three months old.

I hope you've found this useful when preparing for the arrival of your little one!

Tuesday, 22 January 2013


If you live in Yorkshire and you are interested in sling and carriers for your baby then check out Doncaster Babywearers on Facebook.   They hold meets where you can try out different slings, have a chat and a coffee.  You can also contact them at babywearing@live.co.uk.

Babies love to be held and to be close to you.  Slings are the perfect way to keep your baby close during the day but give tired arms a rest.  They are also great for going out and about without the need for a pram.  Keeping your newborn baby in a upright position is beneficial for babies with colic or windy babies. So if you live near Doncaster, check them out! 

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

First Christmas.

A baby's first Christmas is a really exciting time.  Poppy mostly loved chewing the wrapping paper but is now loving her new fabric cubes.  She is also intrigued by the new coloured ducks floating in the bath!  I have to admit she wore a disgustingly cute Christmas pudding outfit on Christmas day.  What presents did your baby like the best?  Here are a few festive photos from around our family home.

Poppy pigs papaya!

As you know we have begun weaning and we have gone for the baby led weaning approach (check out my post on baby led weaning for more information).  Essentially we just give her pieces of soft fruit or vegetables and don't bother mashing.  The lazy mum approach!  It certainly feels very natural and Poppy is doing great.  So far she is loving food and has eaten everything we have put in front of her.  Yesterday evening Poppy had a papaya for her dinner.  So I thought I would share a few papaya pictures with you.

Very easy preparation.
Simply remove the seeds and the skin.
Forgot the bib!  
First expression!