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Friday, 15 February 2013

Toothy pegs.

After a week of restlessness, pink cheeks and chewing everything Poppy's top front teeth have come through!  Teething can be a very difficult time for parents because there is not much you can do to help your little one.  We found letting Poppy chew chunky bits of cucumber helpful and well as her Sophie la giraffe teether.  We did buy teething rings but found them a bit bulky. Don't be worried if your baby goes on a nursing strike either, we had this when Poppy's bottom teeth came though, it soon ended once she was hungry.  If you find your baby is struggling to sleep I recommend a little Dentinox teething gel.  Simply rub onto the gums and it soothes instantly.  

As for breastfeeding with teeth.  The bottom teeth no problem, the top teeth.... ouch!  At the moment I am very sore so will let you know what happens.  Good luck with your teething babies ladies!

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