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Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Young teethers.

Most babies get their first tooth around six months, prior to a tooth cutting through your baby may be fretful and difficult to console or they may be unaffected.  Poppy had bright red cheeks, chewed everything (especially her fingers) and could be quite grizzly.  She started teething around 3 months and her two bottom teeth appeared at 4 months, some babies get teeth even earlier than this!  What we found difficult was that she was too young to hold ring teethers.  A fab product I have recently come across is the Gummee Glove.  I've put a link to their website below, you can also find them on Facebook and twitter. Essentially it's a glove you can put on your babies hand and they can chew the attached teething ring.  

The teething rings are available in pink and blue and are detachable so can be sterilised.   The glove also comes with a laundry bag which can be machine washed.  They are £12:99 and delivery is free!  

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