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Wednesday, 24 April 2013

A make up mummy must have.

My make up must have is No.7 BB cream, I don't really like wearing make up unless its for a special occasion and when I do I like it to look quite natural, I tend to opt for brown eye shadow and just a little blusher.  Once you've had a baby however you need something to cover the bags and make you look like the young glowing mother everyone wants to see!

The BB cream does it all, moisturises, protects (SPF 15), covers and acts as a foundation.

I've got quite olive skin and the medium colour works well for me.  If you're fair I'd suggest going for the light shade.


This is after a full days wear and a windy picnic in the park.  The cream gives a long lasting, natural look and it doesn't feel heavy like some foundations.  It's so much easier than applying lots of products.

Please share any beauty tips.

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