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Monday, 29 April 2013

Weaning inspiration.

I've got horribly behind with weaning posts, so I thought I'd do a quick few ideas for baby led weaning lunch.  Sometimes it's hard coming up with new ideas, especially once your baby is having more than just sticks of cooked vegetables.  Firstly try introducing toast!  Bread is easier for babies to eat when lightly toasted and cut into fingers.  Here is Poppy's first piece of toast! 

When she is more advanced you can try different shapes to make lunch a little more interesting.

Once she's happy with the texture, try cheese on toast.  It's a great lunch because you can both have it.      

An omelette is great because you can keep it plain or add extras. Here I've done a plain omelette and instead of adding grated cheddar, topped it with cottage cheese (full fat) and served with slices of avocado.  

I am very keen to introduce fish into Poppy's diet while she is still very accepting of new flavours, I also think its a healthy family choice.  Here are a couple of lunch ideas for both you and your baby:

TInned sardines in oil mashed with cherry tomatoes and basil leaves on toast.  I grill the bread one side and then top the bread with the mix on the uncooked side then grill again.  When making the mixture mash all the small bones into the mix.  Sardines are a great source of calcium and they are also very fatty, perfect for a chunky baby.

A quicker option is mackerel pate on toast.  You can buy or make your own and simply spread on toast. You can add lemon juice, black pepper, chopped salad or leave it plain.  

I hope you find these ideas helpful and tasty! 


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