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Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Fed up of mashed banana?

Mashed banana is a great first food for baby, it is sweet, creamy and has a great texture, however if you want to try something new to start getting some more variety try using mashed avocado fruit.  

I always have a few avocados in my fruit bowl ripening.  So when soft, simply scoop out the flesh into a bowl, discard the skin and the stone in the middle and mash with a fork.  It has a creamy texture just like banana and is really easy for babies to eat.

Avocado contains lots of vitamins and minerals and also contain lots of good fats.  Not to mention babies will love the bright green colour.

And for mum?

Mashed avocado on wholemeal toast is a healthy and filling snack, so great during pregnancy and post-pregnancy!  So mash enough for both of you if weaning and remove a portion for baby, then add salt, pepper and a little lemon juice, spread on warm wholemeal toast.

If you want to be a little more adventurous, try adding coriander and some chopped spring onions, delicious!

And for Dad?

A delicious packed lunch for working dads; use any leftover mashed avocado spread into a sandwich with mayonnaise and top with some grilled bacon.  He will love it!

What was your babies first favourite food?

Please leave any favourite recipes mums and dad :) 

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