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Monday, 26 November 2012

The Second Trimester

  • Feeling bump conscious even around friends and family
  • Backache
  • Glowing (a little)
  • Baby kicking!
  • The second scan - A girl!
  • Really feeling pregnant
I wasn't ashamed of my bump but it took a really long time to feel comfortable with people looking at it, I think this stems from it not being a planned pregnancy.  Eventually the bump is too big to hide and you begin to really like the lovely attention it brings, you realise that everyone really does love a bump. Checkout workers in Sainsbury's couldn't resist asking when the baby was due followed by giving me an account of all their pregnancies, births and children (much to the anger of customers queuing behind me!).  Instead of wolf whistles and general male banter on the street, the male population suddenly becomes polite, gentlemanly and helpful.  The elderly don't hold back and go straight in for a bump touch.  I think feeling attractive is really important when your body is going through so many rapid changes and I wish I'd invested in some nice maternity wear early on.  Maternity wear is expensive so I will recommend the items I found most useful.  Maternity jeans from Next, with a narrow bump band.  These jeans are a great item which works well with your normal wardrobe.  

If it is summer, some nice white linen trousers with a loose shirt works great, again Next do some comfortable linens.  

If you usually like tighter trousers I found maternity jeggins with a high maternity belt great, especially with a floaty top (which doesn't need to be maternity).

Also a maxi dress looks great over a bump and feels really floated and girly.  It doesn't need to be maternity, just make sure its comfy. Twin with a cardigan and comfy sandals.  

Don't worry about buying a few clothes that would usually be a bit roomy, you will really appreciate them after the birth as it takes a long time for your tummy to return to its normal size.  

Backache plagued me throughout the second trimester.  It made me really miserable.  Everyone knows pregnant women can't drink alcohol, so a night out can be a little more dull however with my backache there was no chance of even leaving the house in the evenings.  Pregnancy hormones makes all your joints weaker and your bump puts a lot of extra pressure on your back.  For me it felt like the position of the baby was causing all the trouble.  Lying down and a hot baths were my saviours. Don't be afraid to take it easy, you need to be in the best shape for birth.  Swimming is highly recommended early on in the pregnancy, it feels great to feel light in the water.

I waited and waited to hit the elusive glowing stage of pregnancy.  I think I got a little glow right near the end of the second trimester.  Do not worry if you're not glowing, everyone is different in pregnancy, some women look great, some (like me) look a little less special....

The first time I felt baby Poppy kicking was amazing.  I had been to a friend's house that day and had eaten a lot of her homemade honey.  That evening I was sure I felt a few movements.  I got my partner to put his hand on his tummy and exactly as he did so, boom! Massive kick.  It startled both of us and was the most amazing feeling.  It's great for partners to feel kicking, it allows them to really bond with the bump. You will find certain voices, music and food will make the baby kick, wriggle and turn.  It can take you by surprise some days and others you are so used to it you don't even notice all the little wriggles whilst you are doing things.   Poppy was a real mover, always kicking.  She also had the hiccups a lot.

The second scan.  Boy or Girl. We just had to know, and as we had already guessed from the start, it was a girl!  A lot of mums seem to instinctively know the sex of their baby.  The second scan is also important to check the health of your baby, so its a real relief to hear everything is ok.  After the scan I realised the next time I saw my baby it would be in my arms.  Crazy.

By the end of the second trimester you are undeniably pregnant.  Acceptance sets in and you begin to think about birth.

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