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Monday, 26 November 2012

The First Trimester

  • Feeling tired, make that exhausted.
  • Morning sickness or rather hunger sickness, that is, only constant eating could keep queasiness at bay.  
  • Looking dreadful.
  • Going off tea and coffee.
  • A tiny bump concealed by not very flattering combinations of baggy clothes and my partners jumpers.
  • Graduating whist hiding the little bump.

  • First scan - amazing, everything well.

Everyone's experience of pregnancy is different, these were the main things that I remember from the first trimester.  Feeling tired was the first symptom of pregnancy that I had, swiftly followed by a form of morning sickness.  I was never actually sick but constantly queasy.  The only thing that kept me from throwing up was grazing all day.  Coping with morning sickness is extremely hard, I recommend ginger tea and lots of healthy snacks.

Check out the infamous Emma's Diary for more information on morning sickness:


I had to graduate whist hiding the little bump.  It was a surreal day, suddenly my degree didn't feel so important.  But graduation is a ritual and marked completion for me.  Putting my studies behind and concentrating on becoming a mother.

The first scan is both exciting and scary. For me the first scan really confirmed I was pregnant (no going back now!).  It is a special experience for mums and dads and nothing can prepare you for seeing your baby moving on that screen.  It is also a marking point for a lot of mums to spread to good news about their pregnancy, knowing finally that their baby is healthy.  The other main bit of information the first scan can give you is whether you are having one, two or more babies!  I was relieved to find out, it was just one little baby in there and not twins.  Get pictures from your first scan, trust me you will want to keep looking at them over and over and over....

Check out the babycentre for information about the first (dating) scan as well as for general pregnancy information:

I felt that I looked dreadful during the first trimester, that twinned with the bump just looking like you've gained a few pounds.  And so began the gradual acceptance of my changing appearance.  From the beginning of a young girls life, all that she is told is how beauty matters, she should be slim, fashionable, wear make up and accept no less than perfect.  Then they are pressured to have children, to fulfil their 'purpose as a woman'.  With pregnancy comes, weight gain, stretch marks, a little affect called gravity amongst many other irreversible changes, all of which are associated with 'not being perfect'.  Within nine months you have to accept these changes, and try have a positive view of them.  The bump is not fat, it is beautiful.  I call my stretch marks, my war wounds and my partner loves my new extra bit of fat, in fact its made me feel much more like a mum.

Oh and by the way, I used all sorts of expensive stretch mark creams, none if which made a difference, however they smell great and make your bump feel lovely, so treat yourself .....

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