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Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Folic Acid

Just a quick one for those trying for a baby or those who has just found out that they are pregnant.  Start taking folic acid now!  It prevents defects such as spina bifida and is recommended even before you're pregnant.  Don't worry if you already are pregnant though, I didn't find out I was having a baby until I was already 5 weeks pregnant.   It is available from Boots and other pharmacies and one pot will probably last the entire duration of the first trimester, which is how long you have to take it for.

Some foods are naturally high is folate, such as lentils (check out my lentil soup recipe), dark greens and citrus fruits.  Food sources are not enough to supply the folic acid you need in pregnancy, so this must be in addition to folic acid supplements.

For those worried they made not get enough vitamins during pregnancy I recommend Pregnacare vitamins.  For those in the UK, when you receive your first Bounty pack from your midwife it will probably contain a voucher for Pregnancare so I would wait and use that are they are quick expensive.  Pregnacare can be used safely throughout pregnancy and breastfeeding.  You can find more information about Pregnacare here:

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