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Friday, 7 December 2012

A new addition to the nursery - Lambskin!

A friend bought us this very unique gift when Poppy was born, a natural lambskin baby rug.  Lambskin has many benefits, it is kind to babies skin, hygienically clean, absorbs moisture and is anti-bacterial.  It also regulates temperature and provides reassurance, soothing baby, they are proven to help babies sleep. The second time I put Poppy down to play on her rug she fell asleep!  Perhaps a rug like this could be a natural way to soothe babies with colic.  

Poppy chilling on her rug.  

The lambskin can be machine washed and tumble dried, so very easy to clean.  This means its also very practical for mums and dads!  

For those worried about ethics, the lambskin is sourced from lambs used for meat, thus the lamb is not just used for it's skin.  It is also worth having a good look around for the right lambskin, as it needs to be made safe for baby.  I recommend the lambskins from Gabe and Grace, check out the link below:

If any other mums or dad have a lambskin rug let me know if your baby enjoys it!

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