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Saturday, 8 December 2012

After the birth.

My partner called his mum, she was on the train, 'she's here' he said, she could hear Poppy crying in the background, she also started to cry.  He then called my parents and arranged for them all to come and visit a few hours later.

Luckily I was still numb, so was in no pain, however I was extremely exhausted and dehydrated.  The nurses started caring for me straight away.  I was given a drip to recover fluids.  They put pads underneath me to contain the lochia (blood loss after birth) and checked my blood pressure.  The nurses bring you endless amounts of painkillers on request and continue to monitor you closely. They also check your stitches (if you've had any) and try to encourage you to breastfeed.  Breastfeeding was always part of my plan.  My mum breastfed me and so I wanted to breastfeed my baby.  It also gave me lots of skin to skin contact with Poppy.  

First moments.
My parents and brother arrived along with my partner's mum.  They all had a cuddle.  They were shocked to see the forcep marks on her face, don't worry these fade very quickly and leave no lasting mark.  

The proud Grandparents.
While they were there Poppy had her first nappy change.  My partner did nappy duties as I was still immobile and all went well.  The first of many!  Visiting hours came to a close and we were alone.  That night was very surreal.  The afterpains of birth really set in and so did tiredness, however mother duties began right away and I was feeding her every few hours in the night.  Every time she cried my partner would pick her up and pass her to me.  She would nurse and fall asleep on me, I had to fight tiredness and make sure I didn't fall asleep too.  We would then put her back next to the bed.  Partners are now allowed to stay for one night in the hospital with you, however they have to sleep in a chair next to you (not very comfortable).  I don't know what I would have done without him.  A couple of hours sleep and morning had come.  Poppy had been very peaceful all in all.  The baby opposite us cried the entire night, she was having trouble breastfeeding.  We felt calm in comparison.  

The next morning breakfast and tea was bought round and a nurse came to help me try and walk.  Once I managed to get up and walk my partner helped me shower.  You take the baby with you, wheel her in asleep.  The first shower is scary.  Your body feels and looks alien. A hot shower always has the affect of making you feel better, it was a relief to feel human again.

Cuddles after my shower.
My partner popped home, had lunch with his mum and got a few things.  I was left alone with the baby for the first time.  Lunch was brought round and placed at the end of my bed, it took me about 15 minutes to get up and walk over to it.  I felt very helpless.  Luckily Poppy didn't wake up.  My partner returned.  I had survived our first alone time.  It made me think about when my partner returned to work in two weeks.

We had visitors again.  This time my partner's mum stayed with us until we left the hospital.  Before you leave, they like to check you have established feeding, can walk and wee and have given you information on feeding, contraception and caring for a baby.  We did the checklist.  I didn't feel ready to go home as I didn't really feel like I could walk or sit down however everyone could care for me better at home.  I was  really worried about having to get up stairs  but you have to go home sometime.  Quite a few hours later we left the hospital, packed up the car and drove home.  Poppy looked tiny in her car seat.  It looked very unnatural seeing her in a seated position so young.  You soon get used to car seats.  We arrived home.  My partner's mum stayed over, ready to help, a transition stage from full time hospital help to being alone at home.  The night was another blur of feeding, trying not to fall asleep with her in the chair, pain, painkillers, nappy changes.  Still Poppy seemed very calm and content.  Having help that first night really allowed my partner to catch up on sleep and then in turn be more help to me the next few nights.  Never underestimate how much help your family will give you.  

The next day my partner's mum left and we were alone, the three of us, a family.


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