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Thursday, 13 December 2012

A Winter Walk.

Going out by yourself with the pram can be quite difficult at first, especially if breastfeeding.  Everyone tells you to get out and about, but it's harder said than done!  Make sure you have a changing bag and supplies ready by the door, then it's all about timing!  I get myself ready while Poppy is in her cot with her mobile on I also get the pram set up.  Then all I have to do is pop her in the pramsuit and go.  Some babies cry when in the pram.  Try to look your baby in the eye and sing to them to reassure them.  If they continue to cry, stop the pram, pick them up and give them a cuddle, when they have stopped crying pop them back down again.  The more you go out for walks the better your baby will be in the pram.   

All snug in her pramsuit.
The bright light and fresh air tends to send babies off to sleep, so if you're having trouble getting your baby to sleep, try a nice walk together.  It also starts to help burn off some of that post pregnancy weight!      

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