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Wednesday, 5 December 2012

My Baby's Nursery.

A sneak peak into Poppy's nursery.... Ssshh baby sleeping.

A girl has got to have her own wardrobe.
One of Grandma's lovely knitted cardigans.

A little chair for the little one.

When Poppy was first born we put her to sleep in this beautiful moses basket, which I would carry round the house to keep her close to me.  No need for baby monitors that way.  I loved it so much that I have put it in her nursery and use it to store clean blankets, muslins, vest and babygrows in.  You use them so frequently there is no need to worry about dust and they are always handy.

A friend stitched Poppy's name is to this cuddly little fella .

The nursery has an elephant and mouse theme.  

Poppy's unusual friend.

You soon begin to remember all the nursery rhymes from your childhood.

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