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Sunday, 23 December 2012

Thinking about breastfeeding?

Breastfeeding is its own journey.  Just as you think you have cracked it your baby will surprise you. I am still exclusively breastfeeding my baby girl at five months old.  I had always intended to breastfeed her for at least six months, but now I can't imagine giving up so soon.  Once you get the hang of it feeding your baby it is one of the best and most magical parts of being a mother.  Bottle feeding was once very empowering for women allowing them to work and have children and also keep their breasts just for them, however I feel very empowered breastfeeding.  Only I can feed my baby and I am feeding her in the best and most natural way for her.  If you are set on bottle feeding I think you need to do what is right for you and what you feel most comfortable with but I urge you to give breastfeeding a go, you might surprise yourself.  Formula is a perfectly adequate alternative to baby's natural milk but its certainly not as equally good as breast milk.  The closeness you get while nursing your baby is indescribable and it creates an extremely strong bond between you and your baby.  Breastfeeding does mean that you will be with you baby all the time (unless you express milk) but this is a great thing.  It increases your bond and allows your baby to form a secure attachment to you, she will feel safe with you and will be comforted by you.  

In addition to bonding there are many health reasons for breastfeeding although I will not list all these as they are easily available in pregnancy books.  Essentially you will be giving you baby the best start by giving them protection against infection.  A great benefit for you is that you will lose pregnancy weight very quickly as it burns 500 calories a day and it stimulates your uterus to contact more quickly.  Your milk also will adjust to make the exact amount for you baby, you are in sync.  As you baby requires more milk, your body will make it.  Supply and demand.    

It probably sounds like breastfeeding has been easy for me and that I have found it all very natural, however like everyone else I have suffered sore nipples, blocked ducts, difficulty latching and nursing strikes.  My upcoming challenge is the arrival of Poppy's upper front teeth!  Just because you are a women does not mean you know the first thing about feeding and nor does you baby.  You learn together.  I assure you it gets easier, persevere it is worth it for you and your baby.

If you decided to breastfeed I will be writing a post full of tips and advice for those who have begun the breastfeeding journey.  If you are deciding to bottle feed I recommend trying to make up a bottle and making sure you have all your equipment ready before the baby comes, you will have to be extra organised but your partner will be able to help feed your baby giving you a little extra well deserved rest.  You will love seeing your baby getting chunkier by the day.  Good luck ladies and please send any questions you may have. 

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